IOT system Solution

  • Intelligent terminal
    Starting from the needs of customers, we can provide standard or non-standard communication gateway products, such as serial communication module, wireless collector, remote measurement controller, protocol conversion module, etc., to support the provision of OEM services for customers, and flexibly meet the needs of customers in the process of Internet of things projects.
  • Cloud monitoring platform
    Provide cloud service platform system based on Internet data transmission, data processing, process management, remote control protocol, can customize and develop private cloud platform according to the needs of customer projects to reliably master private data
  • Internet of things system
    Using wireless transmission technology, through the Internet of things platform, app, wechat and other intelligent terminals to achieve remote data collection, remote control, centralized management, through standard or customizable intelligent terminals, combined with the special needs of customer enterprise management to customize the corresponding upper computer system and mobile terminals to reliably realize intelligent transformation, focusing on the four core of civil engineering, environmental protection, manufacturing, logistics Business sector, helping enterprises complete the transformation from 2.0 to 3.0.
  • ODM services
    It has set up Fengtu intelligent factory to provide OEM processing, product assembly and finished product testing services such as intelligent controller, sensor and intelligent equipment, so as to realize one-stop transformation of samples into products.


Focus on Internet of Things industry application products, high-end wireless communication transmission equipment in industry, Internet of Things platform


Scope of Application: Intelligent Agriculture, Intelligent Water Conservancy, Intelligent Transportation, Intelligent Industry, Intelligent Home Internet of Things Industry

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